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Incredible Years Parenting Course – Coming this Autumn

The Incredible Years Parenting Course starts this Autumn at St Pauls Nursery School and Children’s Centre. The course is open to all parents. This course focuses on building positive parenting skills. It provides tools and strategies to encourage positive behaviour, build relationships and manage conflict. Download: Incredible Years Parenting Programme – Autumn...

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Summer Activities from Central Bristol Childrens Centres

St. Pauls Nursery School and Children’s Centre, along with other Central Bristol children’s centres, have numerous activities planned over the summer. These activities include Bug Hunts, Games in the Park, Family Fun Days and more! St. Pauls are also running regular Stay and Play sessions, Play and Learn sessions, Baby Groups, and other groups and classes. You can view all the summer fun by downloading the flyer below. Download: Summer Activities from Central Bristol Childrens Centres...

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Case of Measles

A person, who was present on our recent Blaise Castle trip, has been identified with a suspected case of measles. Measles is a notifiable disease in England so Public Health England were notified. You can read more in this letter from Public Health England for parents of children that were on the same trip.   Symptoms and signs The earliest signs of measles infection include: high fever runny nose cough red and watery eyes koplik spots (small red spots with bluish-white centres) inside the mouth After several days, a rash appears, usually on the face and upper neck. The rash...

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[POSITION FILLED] Job Vacancies: Lunchtime Nursery Support Workers

We are looking for a number of motivated and enthusiastic support workers to join our team during lunchtimes with our 2 and 3 year old children. We believe meal times should be an opportunity to: Share food in a relaxed, happy and social experience Deepen conversations and talk about links to home and family Experience different foods, wonder about the foods together and try new things Can you help us provide this for our nursery children? Download: Lunchtime Support Worker Job Description – May 2018 Apply online: Apply online through Eteach  ...

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