Author: Ali

Parent and Child Fair at M Shed

There’s an upcoming event at the M Shed in Bristol on 3rd July. The Parent and Child Fair is a unique and free event for parents and children (and grandparents) to enjoy. Come and meet Peppa Pig and Chase from Paw Patrol. Lots activities and educational things to do. Find out about new hobbies or clubs. Work from home business opportunities and plenty shopping and fun. No cost for entry and large cheap carpark next to the venue. At M Shed there will also be a superb exhibition The Story of Childrens Television from 1946 to Today which will be...

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Saving St Paul’s Carnival

We are hoping carnival is coming back to St Pauls… From the Bristol Post. Labour’s mayoral candidate Marvin Rees has stepped in to the controversy about the demise of next year’s St Paul’s Carnival which has seen its funding withdrawn by the city council. Mr Rees said: “The demise of the St Paul’s Carnival is a big loss for Bristol. It’s often talked about as a cultural festival, a celebration of the African Caribbean community’s place in the city. And it is. But that simple description does not capture it’s full meaning. Read the full article...

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A food bank for baby stuff

We saw this post and thought it might be of interest! A fast-growing Bristol charity born from an idea to pass on the hundreds of pounds’ worth of stuff new parents buy for their baby to other parents in need has just helped its 250th new mum – exactly a year after it started. The Bristol Baby Bank Network is the baby essentials equivalent of a Food Bank, where mums pass on everything from clothes, toys and nappies to prams and cots, to mums in need. Read more over on the Bristol Post...

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