All young children should have an equal opportunity to access Nursery Education and where the waiting list is oversubscribed, parents need to be aware of the priorities and criteria for admission and the procedure for allocating places needs to be clearly understood by all.


  • To have a fair and consistent process of allocation.
  • To maintain a balance in which all children benefit and thrive whilst upholding equal opportunities.
  • To ensure all applicants are equally valued and that families are able to express their and their children’s needs.
  • To reflect Bristol’s Policy on Early Years Education and allocation of places and current research on the best provision for Nursery Aged Children.


  • At Registration parents will be asked to complete an admission form. Registration can be completed after a child becomes 2 years old.
  • All registrations to be considered and places offered to children in the first week of May by letter and parents asked to confirm acceptance.
  • An admission panel consisting of Head teacher, staff and Governors will meet at the beginning of April to ensure the fairest allocation of places.
  • Every child will be offered 15 hours of nursery education.
  • Priority for allocating part-time places will be as follows
    1. Children Looked After aged 3 by the end of August.
    2. Children in Need aged 3 by the end of August.
    3. Other children aged 3 by the end of August who are children of families with specific needs.
    4. Any other children aged 3 by the end of August. If there are too few places priority will be given as follows:
      1. Children who live in Bristol who have older siblings here
      2. Any other children who live in Bristol
      3. Children who live outside of Bristol but have siblings in school
      4. Other children who live outside of Bristol but who are cared for in the local area
  • Places can be offered to children who become 3 on or after the 1st September if all attempts to fill the places as above have been exhausted.