An update from Lucy, our headteacher.


Dear Parents and Carers,

Hoping you are enjoying Robin from Nursery School bringing the first ‘Song Book’ alive for us all.

As promised, we will be posting things regularly on our website to keep you all connected. This will include information, stories and songs, and signposting for things to do at home to support family learning and well-being.

St Pauls is open offering very limited places to identified families.

If you have been offered a place, and will not be taking it up please let us know the week before, by phoning in on the Friday at the latest.

Our family support team are available offering limited support, and will also be helping to post things on our website.

Our team are absolutely wonderful and will go that extra mile, but please appreciate that it’s our responsibility to get as many as possible of them working safely in social isolation at home. Our service, therefore, is an emergency service.

We are just 1 week on from our closure, can I thank everyone for responding so positively to our decision, and for being so socially responsible about the Governments recent direction.

We need to all stay home at all times other than to buy food, exercise or complete essential work, and this must be done adhering to social distancing instructions.

We all need to stay happy and well too.

Research tells us that a great thing to do with a young child at home is to:

  • Spend 10 minutes doing something with your child of their own choosing ( it might be boring to you!). Be present, comment and praise them for what they are doing whilst you are playing with them, and listen to what they are saying, feeling, thinking.

To help keep things calm at home when the world is feeling a bit scary to us all it also might help to:

  • Focus on well-being and being kind, helping each other, doing jobs around the house together in a playful way
  • Have a routine to the day, so that your children know what to expect and when you are going to be more available to them
  • Have a specific time for play, stories, talking and listening
  • Acknowledging and naming feelings as they come up – yours and your child’s
  • Remember to prioritise healthy eating, exercise, relaxation and sleeping – our bodies do need respite from the worries
  • Be kind to yourself – we are all doing our best. Maybe talk to ourselves as we would a loving friend.
  • Talk to the people you love about what you have done each day and celebrate your achievements, however tiny.

I’m sure you all have advice to offer – let us know how you are getting on by using our Facebook page.

We are thinking about you all, and missing those delightful children of course.

Please stay safe and stay connected.

I will be in touch again soon.

Kind Regards,

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