Its that time of year again and we have been working with the organisers to try and make sure the route and procession is a bit easier for us this year!

Last year I think we can all agree, there was just too much waiting around, too much noise and too much heat!

So the plans this year (with a very quick turn around) are:

Costume Making

  • This will be happening in the POD from now on!
  • We need as many parents helping as possible please, to make LOADS of matching simple costumes for children and families (We will have a simple model for you to follow)!
  • Specific booked session to pop along and work with the children in nursery school are on : Friday 28th June, Monday 1st July, Friday 5th July.

On the Day

We will gather in the nursery garden at 9.30am on Saturday 6th July to get dressed up together, then proceed to Circomedia in Portland Square, where we will join the front of the procession which is due to start at 11.30am.

Please keep a lookout for more information about the carnival. We hope to see you and your family joining in the procession with us to celebrate diversity in our community.

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