Welcome to our brand new website for our nursery school and children’s centre.

The new site is designed to be accessible on all screens – from feature phones to televisions – and is designed to bring the latest news and information to parents and carers, as well as to provide new visitors all the information they could possibly need about our setting, whilst capturing the school’s sense of fun.

You can read more about the new design on the web designer’s website.

We have also launched our Facebook page. Head on over to our Facebook page, and like us, and you’ll receive the latest news and updates from our school, right in your news feed.

In addition to the new design, which you can access from any device, the site has some new features, including social and community features, a new news and events system, translation capabilities, and many more. These new features will make our new site a great way for us to communicate with our wonderful community!

We hope you enjoy the new site. Please let us know what you think in the comments section, and be sure to check back often for news, events and photos from our school.

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